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  • Connect your Google Business Profile - sync reviews and post replies from the app (no copy paste from Google)!
  • Store facts about your business - then our AI engine automatically includes relevant facts in informative, personalized, responses (that's what customers say they want)!
  • Have your reviews analyzed, phrase by phrase, in our sentiment analysis engine - easily see what customers are saying about your business!
  • See how your business is ranking on Google Maps, and who you need to beat!

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How Does The Free AI Response Generator Differ from RightResponse’s AI paid Version?

Every business owner and manager knows the pain of sifting through and responding to customer reviews. Whether responding to Google reviews, Yelp reviews, or any other review sources, it's a time-consuming task that's vital for your business but drains resources and energy.

RightResponse's AI Response Generator is not just any tool; it's a step in building an engaging, professional online presence. And we take it a step further – you can add additional information, like business hours or something specific you'd like to say, to make your responses even more relevant and informative!

Review Personalization at Scale

While the free version allows you to add additional information to your Response, our Intelligent AI Review Response Generator takes personalization to the next level. It uses a more capable language model, and it also allows you to create a portfolio of facts about your business. Our AI engine then determines which of facts are relevant to a Review, then integrates them seamlessly into the Response, automatically. This eliminates the need for repetitive input of personalizing details. This is true AI at work—offering personalized and informative responses at scale, a testament to RightResponse AI's commitment to innovation in customer engagement.

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