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Use AI to generate, analyze, and respond to customer reviews. RightResponse AI gives you the intelligence to make changes that drive results, getting you higher in the Google map rankings and delivering more customers to your business.

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Dashboard of RightResponse to show total number of reviews, positive mantion, rating & response rate

Staying on top of customer reviews Is crucial for your business.

You don’t have the time to sift through thousands of reviews and respond to each one thoughtfully. And you have no way of easily analyzing and aggregating your data so that you can understand sentiments and business performance across tens, or even hundreds, of locations.

Let RightResponse AI lighten the load for you.

RightResponse AI leads in six key elements of Reputation, or Review, Management:

Review Requests, Review Sentiment Analysis, and Review Response

RightResponse AI uses advanced implementations of generative AI to lighten the load for each of these, resulting in better performance and lower costs across the board

Google Map Rank Tracking and Dashboards

RightResponse AI provides tools that help you understand your progress in your market over time

Listings Management

Ensures that you are maximizing the value of your Google Business Profile and that the information in it is consistent across data publishers

What can you do with RightResponse AI?

Get More Reviews

AI-Powered customer Review Requests

Reviews are critically important, and the question everyone asks is “How Do I Get More Customers To Leave Reviews?”

Here’s the answer, and RightResponse AI gets it done for you:

First, personalize each review request using our AI engine along with your customer information, establishing a more emotional connection.

Second, in the right situation, ask the customer if they’d like our AI engine to help draft a review based on their input.

Review Requests
Review writting by ChatGPT
The Ratings Grid from the RightResponse AI Dashboard

Understand What Your Customer Are Telling You

AI-Powered customer Review Sentiment Analysis

Deliver increasingly excellent customer experiences and build brand loyalty by uncovering what your customers really feel about your business.

Pinpoint what needs to be fixed and what you should double down on.

No word clouds - evaluate every phrase in your reviews against the topics that are meaningful to you.

Review Analytics

Understand Your Competitors

Gain Unmatched Insights into Your Competitors’ Customer Sentiment with Competiwatch AI

Staying ahead isn't just about understanding your own customers. It's also about having a deep insight into your competitors' strengths and weaknesses too. With CompetiWatch AI, you’re not just keeping up; you're getting ahead.

See your competitors through the exact sames lens thatyou evaluate yourself.

Competitor Analytics
Competitor dashboard: Understand how customers compare your brand to alternatives
An image of the Review and Responder pagess

Generate Personalized and Informative Review Responses

Intelligent AI Review Response

Using our powerful AI engine, RightResponse automatically crafts personalized and informative replies for you, for every single review, using relevant facts about your business, which you can then publish in a click.

Spend your time on your business – never again spend precious time aggregating, filtering, or replying to, hundreds of customer reviews, or more, all by yourself.

Review Response

Track Your Way To The Top Of the Google Map Rankings

Google Map Rank Tracking

Google Map Rank Tracking is a cornerstone of our approach. By establishing a comprehensive baseline for both your business and your competition right from the start, we empower you with the insights needed to measure and monitor your performance improvements.

Map Ranking
An image of the rank tracker
An image of the RightResponse AI Dashboard

Pull It All Together

The RightResponse AI Dashboard

The RightResponse AI Dashboard is unprecedented in the quality and detail of the information presented to you.

Understand reviews, responses, response rate, and positive mentions. Then drill down into review topics, read relevant reviews, see the phrases that matter, and easily respond.


Maximize Your Google Business Profile Across Directories 

Integrated Listings Management

RightResponse AI ensures your business information is accurate across over 50 directories, enhancing local visibility and authority. Our platform also automates the management of duplicate entries and schedules updates like holiday hours, saving you time and maintaining consistency.

rightresponse ai's local listings management dashboard

RightResponse AI is just right for -

Small business owners

Stay on top of customer reviews and search engine rankings. And understand what customers truly think about you – and competitors – so you’ll know exactly what to do to improve customer acquisition and retention.

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Regional managers

Use customer proof and market data to identify what’s causing dips or spikes in sales and revenue at any location – and for multiple locations at the same time.

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Corporate functions

Manage hundreds, even thousands of customer reviews with zero effort and gain a deep understanding of operational issues and the impact on your brand as a whole.

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Agencies, researchers and consultants

Get a comprehensive understanding of how a business is performing as a whole, and get granular insights on individual locations with advanced location analytics.

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