Google Map Rankings Analytics

Track Your Progress to the Top of the Map Rankings

At RightResponse AI, our suite of services including review requests, sentiment analysis, review response, and listings management, is all strategically designed with a singular goal in mind: to elevate your Google Map ranking.

That's why our Google Map Ranking Analytics is a cornerstone of our approach. By establishing a comprehensive baseline for both your business and your competition right from the start, we empower you with the insights needed to measure and monitor your performance improvements.

You Don't Compete in a Vacuum

Imagine you have two locations that perform equally well on all your internal metrics. But one has a weak competitor, and the other a very strong competitor. The one with the weak competitor will rank high, and the one with the strong competitor will rank low. Same internal performance, different market outcome.

  • Identify your top competitors and then let RightResponse AI show you how you and your competitors' reviews and review responses are contributing to your position.
  • Ramp up your engagement and track how your position rises across your market area.
  • Get detailed analysis of your and your competitors' average position on the map rankings and how often both you and your competitors show up in the Top 3 positions.

Google Map Ranking Analytics Key Features

Baseline Benchmarking: Establish a solid baseline for your current map rankings and compare it against your competitors, setting the stage for ongoing improvement.

Continuous Performance Tracking: Monitor your Google Map ranking over time with automated monthly scans to track your progress of your engagement efforts.

Competitor Rank Tracking: Gain a competitive edge by analyzing and understanding the local search performance of your competitors, identifying opportunities for optimization.

Analytics Flexibility: You have three parameters you can alter. First, how far from your location you want to measure (for example, max 10 miles). Second, how many interim points you want to measure (example, in 2 mile increments). Third, how many keywords you want to measure.

Top Competitor Identification: Based on the parameters you set, RightResponse AI determines your top competitors and places them on the Competitor Dashboard, where you can easily add supplemental services for one-time or ongoing monitoring.

Use Cases

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