AI-Powered Review Analysis

Understand Exactly How Your Customers Feel

Run your business -- don't spend any more time trying to figure out what going right and going wrong! RightResponse AI has your back and does that for you!

And for those who have review management platforms that do keywords analysis, you can do better. If you run a burger joint you don't need a computer to tell you that "burger" is going to be the most common word in your reviews!

RightResponse AI analyzes your customer feedback and tells you what it is that your customers like the most and least about your burgers -- is it the taste? the quality? the portion size?

Finally, RightResponse AI makes it easy to understand what to change and what to double-down on, all using the power of AI.

Dashboard of RightResponse to show total number of reviews, positive mantion, rating & response rate
Dashboard of RightResponse AI Determine exactly what drives your ratings

Aggregate, Filter, and Analyze

Stop trying to aggregate, filter, and analyze unstructured customer reviews all by yourself.

RightResponse AI automatically aggregates, filters, and organizes your reviews for you by category, topic, sentiment, strength and more across 100+ review platforms. Allowing you to extract critical performance insights.

  • RightResponse AI uses Machine Learning Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis with Scaling (ML ABSA with Scaling) to deeply analyze and extract key information from huge amounts of unstructured data: your online reviews.
  • Deeply understand your audiences by diving deep into their experiences, preferences, and pain points per location, or per group of locations.
  • Discover recurring themes, sentiments, and trends within your customer feedback, and use this to make informed decisions to enhance your products, services, and overall customer satisfaction.

AI Review Analytics Features

Aggregate across more than 100 review sources: If we don't currently support a review source important to you, let us know and we'll look into adding it!

Powerful dashboards: RightResponse AI provides a variety of ways to slice and dice your review analysis data, and the better yet, at the click of a button drill down and see the exact reviews and phrases contained in that view.

head with gear

See the data analyzed in a way helpful to you: Don't settle for simple keyword analysis. You can get better! Set up your own Categories and Topics (like Staff:Knowledge) and have all of your reviews evaluated that way. But don't worry -- we draft the first set of Categories and Topics for you based on your primary Google Business Type.

Understand more than average Rating: RightResponse AI calculates a customer sentiment score, "% positive mentions" for each Category and Topic you define. This way, you can understand which Categories and Topics are moving your average rating up and down, and then figure out what to change.

Easy comparisons: RightResponse AI makes it easy to compare your locations against each other and against your company average. And you can also easily see how reviews compare between review sources.

Dashboard of RightResponse AI

Find out what you need to do
to boost acquisition and retention

RightResponse AI aggregates all your customer reviews across multiple channels, and organizes them neatly into a single, simple dashboard.

Making it wonderfully easy for you to respond to reviews, get customer insights, and analyze competitor reviews – and pull out the critical info you need in seconds.

Use Cases

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White Label Services

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Reputation Researchers

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