Reputation Management Software for Your Small Business

RightResponse AI is the perfect tool for small businesses that receive Google and other reviews. Our software uses AI to uncover valuable insights for each location analyzed and it enables you to easily generate personalized review responses.

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RightResponse AI helps you stay on top of your customer reviews by helping you give each review the care and attention it deserves. While at the same time, collecting precious insights to guide you in improving your customers’ experiences.

AI-Generated Review Responses

Review Responses

Let no customer review goes unattended, ever, with generative-AI supported responses that help you, or your social media manager, stay on top of hundreds, even thousands, of reviews.

Transform customer feedback into actionable insights to enhance brand experience

Customer Insights

Turn unstructured customer feedback into organized data that shows you what customers think about your brand – so you can improve their experiences and lift your business’ reputation.

Compare how your locations – and brand as a whole – stack up against competing brands.

Competitor Insights

Compare how you stack up against your competitors. And use these insights to strengthen your customer experiences. So that your brand always comes out on top.

With RightResponse AI
small business owners can –

Build long-term brand loyalty with contextual review responses

Deliver excellent customer service by getting back to customers’ feedback in a timely manner – addressing each point they make with generative-AI supported responses.

Build long-term brand loyalty with contextual review responses
Deeply understand your performance over time

Deeply understand your performance over time

See how changes in the products you offer, and the people you employ, impact customers’ experiences for better – or for worse. And proactively make changes to better meet their expectations.

Finally understand how customers compare you to competitors

With RightResponse AI’s sentiment and competitor analyses, you can pinpoint your strengths, and weaknesses from your customers’ point of view. So you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get ahead of the competition.

competitors analysis dasahboard
RightResponse Ai Deshboard

Identify opportunities for new customer acquisition

Through your RightResponse AI dashboard, you can easily stay on top of trends in customer wants and needs. Giving you crucial insights to power your marketing and advertising campaigns, and draw new customers to you.

RightResponse AI also –

speed up

Speeds up the review response process

With generative AI, you or your social media manager will find it wonderfully easy to stay on top of online customer reviews, feedback, complaints, and concerns.


Integrates with Other review Sources

Never toggle multiple browser tabs again. Capture and view all customer sentiment in one place – instead of across tens of accounts and hundreds of tabs.

zero effort or maintenance

All you need to do is set it up once and RightResponse AI aggregates and organizes all your customer reviews for you in real time. So you can start using it ASAP.

Requires zero effort
or maintenance

Try RightResponse AI free for 14 days

Get on top of your customer reviews to get the critical insights you need to improve customer acquisition and retention.

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