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With RightResponse AI’s customer review and location analytics, you can understand how a business performs at each of its locations – and how it performs as a whole. Our AI-enabled reputation analysis platform is perfect for consulting firms, agencies, third-party risk managers and anyone who needs to quickly and effectively report on a businesses online reputation as a whole.

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Deeply understand a business’ reputation
and performance across multiple locations

Uncover the real face of a business from their customers' point of view through customer sentiments and feedback, slicing the data across multiple parameters. While gathering critical insights to understand how the business performs compared to others in the same industry or niche.

Business Acquisition

Receive a detailed report and turn loads of unstructured data into valuable insights that allows you to more accurately analyze brands before selling/purchasing.

Transform customer feedback into actionable insights to enhance brand experience

Customer Insights

Turn a brand's customer feedback into organized data that shows key stakeholders what customers think about their brand – so they’ll know what to do to serve their customers better.

Compare how your locations – and brand as a whole – stack up against competing brands.

Competitor Insights

Compare how each location – and your brand as a whole – stacks up against your competitors. Use these customer insights to guide your clients during the due diligence process.

With RightResponse AI
firms and researchers can –

Easily assess online reputation across multiple locations

RightResponse AI hands you all customer review and business reputation data, automatically collated for you, in one centralized dashboard. View top-level insights across the business as well as granular insights per location.

Manage negative feedback without harming your reputation
Dashboard of RightResponse AI

Draw connections between customer sentiments and revenue

Find out exactly what their customers think about their brand, their products, their service, and their locations. And identify what attracts customers to them – as well as what drives them away.

Get a contextual understanding of performance against competitors

Through the competitive analysis dashboard, you can compare parameters such as total number of reviews, responsiveness of the brand, and customer sentiments, preferences, and perceptions. To understand exactly how they rank against the competition.

Competitor dashboard: Understand how customers compare your brand to alternatives
Dashboard of RightResponse AI

Auto-generate detailed reports to share with your clients

Generate reports with a click of a button and present to your clients detailed information on business performance per location – as well as data-backed opportunities and areas for improvement.

RightResponse AI also –

Integrates with all major review channels

Integrates with other review Sources

Never toggle multiple browser tabs again. Capture and view all customer sentiment in one place – instead of across tens of accounts and hundreds of tabs.

Setup RightResponse AI to get continious aggregates and organizes your customer reviews.

Requires zero effort
or maintenance

All you need to do is set it up once, and RightResponse AI aggregates and organizes reviews for you in real-time. So you can start using it and continue using it ASAP.

Incorporate Competitor Analysis At the Same Time

RightResponse AI also allows you to analyze your client's competitors in exactly the same way that you analyze your client. Add extra value with little extra effort.

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