Comprehensive Listings Management

Integrated, Powerful, and Comprehensive Listings Management

Businesses require a high-quality, comprehensive, and ongoing solution that ensures their information is consistently accurate across all platforms. This need goes beyond simple presence; it's about maximizing visibility and engagement in a crowded digital space. However, finding a service that can offer in-depth listings management while also addressing the nuanced needs of review management has been a tall order.

RightResponse AI bridges this gap with a solution that marries the best of both worlds. We recognize that listings management and review management are two sides of the same coin, essential for driving customer engagement and maintaining a stellar online reputation. With RightResponse AI, businesses no longer need to settle for less.

rightresponse ai's local listings management dashboard

Get the Basics Right

Listings Management is critical. While 92% of local engagements take place on Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yelp, listings management publishes your information consistently in over 50 directories to provide the "authority" to show up locally.

  • RightReponse AI can provide you with a Listing Audit so that you can see the current state of your listings.
  • Our Listings Management platform continually looks for duplicates and removes them automatically. Further, updates (for example opening hours during holidays) can be entered and scheduled in advance. Both of these are huge time savers that are not available in many listings managements systems.
  • Best of all, it's your choice! You can pair RightResponse AI's best of breed sentiment analysis and review response with our comprehensive listings management, or you can keep your existing listings management platform. It's entirely up to you!

Listings Management Key Features

Extensive Publisher Network Management: Seamlessly manage your location data across a network of over 50 publishers. This widespread management capability is designed to significantly enhance your local traffic and conversions, putting your business on the map where it matters most.

Fast-Track Setup with Phone Verification Bypass: Enjoy quicker setup times with the convenience of bypassing phone verification for key publishers like Apple, Bing, YP, and Yelp. This feature streamlines the process, allowing you to be discoverable with less downtime and fewer hurdles.

Bulk Updates and Enhanced Tracking: Utilize our bulk editor to manage multiple listings at once and integrate UTM codes and tracking numbers directly into Google Business Profile (GBP) for comprehensive insights.

Automated Duplicate Listing Suppression: Maintain the integrity and freshness of your data with our automated system for duplicate listing suppression. This not only ensures that listings remain up-to-date but also improves local search visibility by preventing conflicting information across the web.

Advanced Scheduling for Multiple Locations: Plan and schedule content updates in advance across all your locations with our scheduling feature. This allows for consistent information dissemination, ensuring all your listings stay accurate and relevant, saving time and resources in managing your digital presence.

Dashboard of RightResponse AI

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RightResponse AI aggregates all your customer reviews across multiple channels, and organizes them neatly into a single, simple dashboard.

Making it wonderfully easy for you to respond to reviews, get customer insights, and analyze competitor reviews – and pull out the critical info you need in seconds.

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