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From generative AI-created review responses to deep customer and competitor insights, across 100+ review platforms.
Right Response AI will help you uncover exactly what to do next to boost customer acquisition and retention – according to your customers.

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Customer Review Sentiment Analysis

Stop trying to aggregate, filter, and analyze unstructured customer reviews all by yourself.

RightResponse AI automatically aggregates, filters, and organizes your reviews for you by sentiment, topic, and more across multiple channels. Allowing you to extract critical performance insights.

  • RightResponse AI uses Machine Learning Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis with Scaling (ML ABSA with Scaling) to deeply analyze and extract key information from huge amounts of unstructured data: your online reviews.
  • Deeply understand your audiences by diving deep into their experiences, preferences, and pain points per location, or per group of locations.
  • Discover recurring themes, sentiments, and trends within your customer feedback, and use this to make informed decisions to enhance your products, services, and overall customer satisfaction.
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CompetiWatch AI - Competitor Review Analysis

No more wondering what your competitors are doing right – or wrong.

RightResponse AI helps you gain a competitive edge by analyzing and comparing competitor reviews against your own. Allowing you to see exactly what you need to double down on, or what you need to fix, to lift customer acquisition and retention.

  • RightResponse AI analyzes, anonymizes and extracts insights from competitor review.
  • Identify patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and areas of differentiation so you can benchmark your performance and gain a deeper understanding of the market landscape.
  • Zero in on your unique selling points and opportunities for improvement, and refine your business strategies based on comprehensive market insights.
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Intelligent AI Review Responder

Most people tell us that lack of time is the biggest pain point when it comes to responding to reviews. Achieving consistency and quality in review responses across the board is a challenge at scale, and crafting informative replies that truly add value demands an in-depth knowledge of the business that is hard to maintain.

  • Using generative AI, RightResponse AI automatically crafts contextual review replies for you, for every single review – which you can tweak, edit, and publish in a click.
  • Easily fie-tune your AI response using business facts and brand voice to deliver your customers a personalized and on-brand experience.
  • RightResponse's AI review generator learns from you - so when you mark responses as "Training Examples" RightResponse AI will know exactly what to do to improve, saving you even more time in the future.
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Business Add-On

Google Maps Ranking Tracker

At RightResponse AI, our suite of services including review requests, sentiment analysis, review response, and listings management, is all strategically designed with a singular goal in mind: to elevate your Google Map ranking.

  • Identify your top competitors and then let RightResponse AI show you how you and your competitors' reviews and review responses are contributing to your position.
  • Ramp up your engagement and track how your position rises across your market area.
  • Get detailed analysis of your and your competitors' average position on the map rankings and how often both you and your competitors show up in the Top 3 positions.
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rightresponse ai's local listings management dashboard
Business Add-On

Comprehensive Listings Management

Listings Management is critical. While 92% of local engagements take place on Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yelp, listings management publishes your information consistently in over 50 directories to provide the "authority" to show up locally.

  • RightReponse AI can provide you with a Listing Audit so that you can see the current state of your listings.
  • Our Listings Management platform continually looks for duplicates and removes them automatically. Further, updates (for example opening hours during holidays) can be entered and scheduled in advance. Both of these are huge time savers that are not available in many listings managements systems.
  • Best of all, it's your choice! You can pair RightResponse AI's best of breed sentiment analysis and review response with our comprehensive listings management, or you can keep your existing listings management platform. It's entirely up to you!
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Review Requester (Coming Soon)

RightResponse AI's review requestor will increase the percentage of people that leave a review when you send a review request. That's because our review requestor uses AI to personalize and add an emotional element to the review request, giving your customers added motivation to complete a review of your business.

  • Increase the probability that the review requests you send are answered. RightResponse uses AI to personalize each review request based on information you have about your customers, and adds an emotional element that prompts action.
  • Easily add personalizing information, confirm the review requests, and click to send.
  • SMS review requests have a much higher open and response rate than email requests. RightResponse AI provides local 10 digit phone numbers to increase the likelihood that customers will open your review request text.
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Use Cases

Small Business Owners

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Corporate Execs & Managers

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White Label Services

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Reputation Researchers

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