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The most frequent thing we hear when we talk to people about review requests is this question: How do I get more Google reviews? Will RightResponse AI help me get more reviews?

The answer is YES!

RightResponse AI's review requestor will increase the percentage of people that leave a review when you send a review request. That's because our review requestor uses AI to personalize and add an emotional element to the review request, giving your customers added motivation to complete a review of your business.

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Climb the Map Rankings

Engagement with your customers and clients is critical to climbing the Google Map rankings. And the first step in that process for many businesses is sending a review request, either by text or email. Let RightResponse AI craft the perfect review request, so you can focus on running your business.

  • Using generative AI, RightResponse AI automatically crafts individualized review requests – which you can tweak, edit, and send in a click. This unique personalization increases the probability that a customer will leave your business a review!
  • RightResponse AI uses additional information you have about your customers, and can do this through our application, spreadsheet uploads, or CRM APIs.
  • Our Review Requestor is tied to our Review Platform so that you can minimize the number of negative reviews you receive. When our Review Platform determines that an incoming review is sufficiently negative, it changes the review source for subsequent reviews to 1st party (internal), giving you an opportunity to solve the problem before switching back to your 3rd party (Google, etc.) sources.

AI Review Requester Features

Increases the number of reviews you receive: Increase the probability that the review requests you send are answered. RightResponse uses AI to personalize each review request based on information you have about your customers, and adds an emotional element that prompts action.

Easy to use: Easily add personalizing information, confirm the review requests, and click to send.

10 digit local number SMS or email: SMS review requests have a much higher open and response rate than email requests. RightResponse AI provides local 10 digit phone numbers to increase the likelihood that customers will open your review request text.

Reduce negative reviews: Review gating is illegal and against Google's Terms of Service. But it's perfectly fine to switch to internal review collection for everyone when you identify an issue in your business. This allows you to pinpoint what needs to be fixed and correct any problems you have before turning 3rd party reviews back on.

Helps you get higher in the Map rankings: Everything you do around Engagement, Reputation, and SEO is designed to get you higher in the Map rankings so that customers come to you! Let RightResponse AI help you craft the best possible review requests -- use reviews to your competitive advantage and build brand loyalty.

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RightResponse AI aggregates all your customer reviews across multiple channels, and organizes them neatly into a single, simple dashboard.

Making it wonderfully easy for you to respond to reviews, get customer insights, and analyze competitor reviews – and pull out the critical info you need in seconds.

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