What is RightResponse AI?

Watch a video from one of our co-founders and learn what RightResponse AI is and how it can be instrumental in growing your business.
Written by:
George Swetlitz
Published on:
February 2, 2024
Our analysis of over 100000 restaurant review

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About The Author

George Swetlitz
Co founder
George is a co-founder of RightResponse AI and a former CEO of a healthcare clinic group with 200+ locations. His experience using customer reviews to drive organic growth and internal improvement led to the creation of RightResponse AI.

What is RightResponse AI?


Video Transcript

Hi, this is George, one of the co-founders of RightResponse AI. RightResponse AI is a review management platform primarily for location-based businesses built from the ground up using generative AI.

The Tool I Wished I’d Had

It provides powerful dashboards, sentiment analysis, and review responses. It's the tool that I wish I'd had when I was CEO of a 225 location-business tackling the challenge of organic growth, it's why we built it, not only for what it does but for what it costs.

So I'd like to take the next few minutes to tell you about RightResponse AI and how we can help location-based businesses add customers and revenue.

Reviews & Responses Are Becoming More and More Important

More people are writing reviews, and almost everyone reads them. More and more, they are also thinking about your responses. Together reviews and your responses impact where you land in the Google rankings and your ability to attract new customers.

It's difficult to maximize the engagement opportunity of each response. Whether you're a small business owner pressed for time or a large organization trying to respond to reviews at scale, RightResponse AI has a very powerful review response engine.

Create Facts & Examples of Review Responses

Within RightResponse AI you can create facts about your business. You can also create examples of great responses to common topics people mention in reviews. Our AI engine then uses the relevant facts and examples to beautifully personalize the review response increasing the likelihood that potential customers will become customers. 

Sophisticated Sentiment Analysis Engine

RightResponse AI also has a very sophisticated sentiment analysis engine and dashboard to help you understand what your customers are telling you through their reviews so that you can sharpen your focus or improve your operations.

Thorough Review Analysis Rather Than Keyword Analysis

Rather than focus on the sentiment of the overall review or the sentiment of keywords in the review we use generative AI to determine sentiments against a set of categories and topics that you can customize. This way, you can know, for example, that your customers think that your staff is very knowledgeable even if they never use the word “knowledgeable”.

RightResponse AI takes reviews - a mountain of unstructured data - and turns it into detailed, structured, easy-to-understand information. 

Competitor Analysis To Sharpen Your Strategy

And further, you can even compare your performance against your competitors to sharpen your strategy and improvement efforts. So whether you have one location, 200, or 2,000, or if you're in a corporate role protecting your brand or managing operations, or if you're a marketing agency or an investor in location-based businesses or an organization doing third-party risk assessment, RightResponse AI can help you make sense of customer reviews. 

Try It For Free - 14-Day Trial

It's easy to sign up with RightResponse AI and painless to adjust your locations either upward or downward, and importantly we're very affordable. Try it for free for 14 days, or let us know how we can help you achieve your goals. Also try out free AI review response tool to get a glimpse at what our complex AI engine can do.

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