The Launch of RightResponse AI

We're pleased to announce the launch of RightResponse AI - our SaaS platform that uses Generative AI to analyze and manage customer reviews.
Written by:
George Swetlitz
Published on:
January 31, 2024
Our analysis of over 100000 restaurant review

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About The Author

George Swetlitz
Co founder
George is a co-founder of RightResponse AI and a former CEO of a healthcare clinic group with 200+ locations. His experience using customer reviews to drive organic growth and internal improvement led to the creation of RightResponse AI.

RightResponse AI Just Launched!

We are excited to announce the launch of RightResponse AI, a SaaS review management platform built from the ground up to harness the power of generative AI throughout the entire customer review process, specifically tailored for location-based businesses. Our solution is designed to transform how location-based businesses engage with customer feedback so that they can climb in the local map rankings, drive revenue growth and improve operations.

How Does It Work?

RightResponse AI leverages generative AI to revolutionize how businesses understand and engage with customer feedback. At its core, our platform ingests customer reviews to deliver three key current offerings:

  1. Advanced Sentiment Analysis: Utilizing customized Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA), RightResponse AI offers an unparalleled insight into the customer experience. This method, far superior to traditional keyword-based sentiment analysis, allows for a nuanced understanding of customer sentiments across various aspects of your service or product.
  2. Intelligent Review Responses: Our technology crafts personalized responses to customer reviews by drawing on facts about the business as well as prior relevant review/response pairs, creating wonderfully relevant and personalized review responses.
  3. Competitor Insights: Extending beyond your own customer feedback, RightResponse AI analyzes competitor reviews through the same lens that it uses to review the company's own reviews.

How It All Began

The genesis of RightResponse AI is rooted in the challenges I faced as the CEO of a healthcare clinic network with over 200 locations. We recognized the untapped potential of customer reviews for fostering organic growth and operational improvements, but we were hampered by the lack of effective and affordable tools.

With the advent of generative AI in 2023, and no longer being the CEO of that business after its sale, we saw an opportunity to tackle the customer review opportunity. From the outset, our development approach was guided by a critical litmus test: "Would I have purchased this solution as CEO?" This benchmark has been instrumental in shaping RightResponse AI, ensuring that we deliver a cost-effective and practical solution to leaders facing similar challenges.

I would like to thank those who have been instrumental in our journey. A special shoutout to Brian Venuti, whose insights sparked the creation of our Ratings Grid and who has been an invaluable support throughout our development process. Gratitude also goes to Sharon Arellano and Brett Eaton of Unfettered for their invaluable feedback on early software iterations and for opening doors to initial opportunities. A big thank you to Eden Bidani for crafting the compelling copy on our website. Your contributions have been pivotal to reaching this milestone. Finally, awesome work from my co-founders Shiv Pujan Singh and Sabrina Hu who all worked together to deliver this best-in-class solution.

What Does RightResponse AI Do?

RightResponse AI empowers businesses to enhance their organic growth through three strategic avenues: Elevating their visibility in local search rankings, enriching their appeal to prospective customers with insightful review responses, and refining their operational practices to boost the influx of positive feedback.

The potential of reviews remains largely untapped by many businesses, often due to their complex nature, coupled with the prohibitive costs and limitations of existing solutions. RightResponse AI is set to redefine this landscape with an accessible, robust, state-of-the-art and scalable platform, making the most out of every review.

Unique Sentiment Analysis

At the core of our solution, we process a business's historical reviews with a unique approach to customer review sentiment analysis. Beyond mere keyword recognition, our platform employs machine learning to perform nuanced, aspect-based sentiment analysis with scaling. This involves dissecting sentence fragments within their contextual entirety, gauging sentiment's direction and intensity, and categorizing these insights into custom Categories and Topics. This complex process offers unparalleled insights into a business's operational and customer service realities.

Personalized Review Responses

Elevating the standard for customer interaction, we craft personalized review responses that resonate with your brand's unique voice. Our AI engine selects relevant facts and exemplary review/response pairs from your business's profile to formulate responses that are not only tailored to each review but also echo the essence of your brand. This results in responses that are significantly more engaging and reflective of your business than any standard AI-generated reply.

Competitive Analysis

Extending our analytical framework, we apply the same sophisticated Categories and Topics framework to your competitors, offering you a lens through which you can assess their performance against yours. This comparative analysis is vital for local businesses vying for supremacy in map rankings and digital visibility. By understanding the nuances of competitors' review volume, freshness, ratings, and response quality, you're better equipped to strategize and outperform them.

Coming Soon

Initiating review engagement through review requests is a crucial step for many businesses aiming to elevate their review metrics. The effectiveness of this approach hinges on the conversion rate of review requests into actual reviews. We will soon launch a feature that personalizes each review request to significantly increase this conversion rate, ensuring that your business not only reaches out but resonates with your customers.

Numerous Applications

Beyond its primary focus on location-based enterprises, RightResponse AI offers extensive value to a broad spectrum of organizations interacting with location-based businesses. Marketing agencies can leverage our platform for a deeper dive into customer sentiment analysis or even offer our solutions under their branding. Consulting firms can utilize RightResponse AI for comprehensive reputation analysis of clients or their competitors, and private equity firms can do the same for acquisition targets or portfolio companies.  Additionally, third-party risk managers will find our platform invaluable for monitoring and managing risk factors associated with location-based businesses, all through the lens of our advanced AI-driven insights.

Affordable With 14-Day Trial

Experience RightResponse AI's transformative capabilities firsthand with our 14-day free trial, designed to be highly cost-effective for businesses of all sizes, and our transparent and competitive pricing structure sets us apart. We encourage large organizations, agencies, consulting firms, private equity firms and other business entities to reach out for customized pricing options or to explore opportunities for white-labeling our solution.

In the upcoming weeks, I'll be sharing further insights on the transformative power of review management and AI. If you're intrigued by what you've read, I encourage you to follow me, join our RightResponse AI community, and explore our offerings at There, you can dive deeper into our innovative solutions, register for a free trial, or schedule a consultation with one of our co-founders.

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